vCare shows FIWARE’s enabling technology

vCare shows how to apply FIWARE’s enabling technology

The close collaboration between vCare, MYSPHERA, and FIWARE was clearly demonstrated at one of the world’s leading world Internet of Things (IoT) events earlier this week on 16 October 2018.

FIWARE is really important for vCare. The project wants to apply FIWARE since it is one of Europe’s most prominent and promising IoT platforms. Likewise – as FIWARE moves more and more into the healthcare domain – vCare will offer an excellent test bed in European settings for the use of FIWARE.

The FIWARE Foundation was a silver sponsor at the IoT Solutions World Congress. The foundation promotes an open source platform components that will accelerate the development of smart solutions.

Held in Barcelona, Spain from 16-18 October 2018, the congress highlighted applications ranging from healthcare to connected transport. One of the congress’s requirements was to present a showcase that uses the Orion Content Broker, FIWARE’s main generic enabler.

Dani FERRI from MYSPHERA demonstrating vCare at the FIWARE stand

MYSPHERA,, based in Valencia, Spain, uses IoT solutions to support digital hospitals and digital patients. The company is one of the prominent partners in the vCare project.

The Foundation invited the MYSPHERA company to showcase its recent technical developments at the congress exhibition. These eHealth advances are underpinned by FIWARE technology.

Jordi ROVIRA from MYSPHERA presented the proposed vCare solutions at the congress. The vCare project is already using a wider range of generic enablers provided by this standard IoT technology. More FIWARE solutions were shown in which vCare is taking a lead role.

CCP at “Connected Health Now” conference

vCare health professional introduces coaching enabling digital transformation

On 26 September 2018, Dr Massimo Corbo of the vCare’s partner Department of Neurorehabilitation Sciences of Casa Cura Policlinico (CCP), Milan attended the “Connected Health Now” conference, where he presented the vCare Project.

Dr Corbo introduced the vCare project, its objectives, the proposed use cases and main developments during a Round Table on “Hospitals and research: opportunities and critical factors in digital transformation.” Members of the round table discussed possible innovations for effective and sustainable health care occurring today.

Dr Corbo announced: “Future tools, like vCare, are key to digital transformation in health. It is really important to develop a multidisciplinary approach and co-design meaningful activities that may enhance and improve our health care.”

Dr Massimo Corbo (left) presents vCare’s plans for coaching

The main topics covered during the table were about how new technologies and new paradigms offer potential to:

  • Internet of Things
  • Virtual reality or augmented reality, including tools for health care professionals, citizens, and patients, for remote therapy and cognitive training
  • Big Data, which enables the implementation of Prevention, Prediction, Customization and Participation (the so-called “4P” model)
  • Blockchain, a change of paradigm for data and data flows
  • Artificial intelligence, which permits the development of new medical protocols end ethical approaches.


VCare received many shows of interest during the networking event that followed: around 70 persons participated.

The day was a highly stimulating one. It promoted the digital transformation of health. This growing phenomenon will have a potentially revolutionary impact on public and private health in the coming years. Fundamental to the day was the collaboration of clinicians and health managers, technicians, researchers, industries, and small- and medium-sized enterprises.

The event formed part of the Milan Disruptive Week Programme ( It was held in the new MIND – Milano Innovation District. The district originally hosted Milan’s Expo 2015. Now it is being turned into a science park focused on technological excellence. Fundamental to its success is the Human Technopole, an international research institute for Life Sciences, Healthcare, Biotech, Pharma, Agri-food, Nutrition and Data Science.