IT aspects of vCare

vCare will integrate in a virtual coach system a set of solutions developed by four members:

  • eWall and CLOUDCARE2U, from iSprint, a user interface and cloud-based platform based on advanced sensing and reasoning;
  • Miraculous Life, from AIT, a virtual humanbased avatar, that assists older adults in their activities at home;
  • RehAbility, from Imaginary, a suite of serious games for physical and cognitive rehabilitation of neurological patients;
  • LOCS, from MySPHERA (MYS), an Internet of Things-based location and workflow system tailored to the needs of acute care hospitals.


By integrating these technologies in a single platform, the virtual coach of vCare will provide the patient with a number of services clustered into:

  • Coaching services such as physical training based on motion tracking or cognitive training;
  • Supporting services such as reminders;
  • Clinical pathways services allowing the seamless configuration of the virtual coach.


The major advance of vCare is an adaptive integration and use of services according to a personalized pathway. To achieve this, semantic technologies will be used to allow service (re-)configuration. The semantic shell will be developed based on an ontology that contains information about the patient’s needs and conditions, services, context information and pathways.

vCare Technical Scenario