The duration of the action will be 48 months and will be subdivided into nine Workpackages. Six Workpackages focus on the technological implementation of the Virtual Coach, one Workpackages on the clinical concept and piloting, one Workpackage on the communication and dissemination and one Workpackage on the project management.

Working plan showing the agile approach of development activities with feedback loops (specification - development - validation)

Workpackage 1: Clinical Concept and Piloting

Following a “user centric approach”, user acceptance in clinical trials and learning capabilities will be demonstrated. This will be achieved by a high involvement of a multidisciplinary clinical team.

Workpackage 2: Context Integration

The design, development, and prototype implementation of the smart house open scalable sensor infrastructure that supports the Virtual Coaching services for the use cases are in focus.

Workpackage 3: Design and Development of Recipient and Caregiver Interfaces

The recipient and the care giver system-user interaction of the virtual coaching platform will base on natural, human-like, avatar-based communication techniques. The patients’ progress and interactions lead to adaptively processed content. Caregivers can monitor and modify the rehabilitation.

Workpackage 4: Knowledge Integration and Learning

A robust and expressive knowledge representation framework for the specification of the semantic baseline models and different ontologies (clinical pathway, treatment, patient profile, disease and environment) for the Virtual Coach will be developed.

Workpackage 5: Coaching Services

This is about the integration and adoption of previously developed and validated coaching services and development of new services for the end-user. These will be used and integrated into the semantic architecture and enhanced with standardized interfaces.

Workpackage 6: Pathway System

Semantically integrated care pathway services will be developed. These provide all necessary functionalities to create and manage care pathway templates, to execute the pathway, and to adapt the pathway by means of the reasoning service.

Workpackage 7: Service platform backbone

This about the design of a frictionless system architecture, the interfaces and composition mechanisms of its elements on a conceptual level. The semantic enriched services will allow a comparable level of service description and an easy exchange of the services.

Workpackage 8: Project Management

A professional and permanent project management is crucial for a successful and effective execution and management of the project. This comprises of day-to-day administration, scientific co-ordination and monitoring of the project’s progress.

Workpackage 9: Communication and Exploitation

Diffusing information and raising overarching awareness about project’s ambitions, interest in the scientific community to prepare the clinical, economical and societal assessment of the project results and to enable the use of the project results and their exploitation.

Showing the Work Packages of vCare: WP1 (Clinical concept and piloting), WP2 (Context integration), WP3, (Response generator), WP4 (Intelligence), WP5 (Coach Services), WP6 (Care Pathway Services), WP7 (Infrastructure and Integration), WP8 (Project Management), WP9 (Communication and Exploitation), WP10 (Ethics Requirements)