Extended Summaries of Major Deliverables

Here you can find extended summaries of non-public deliverables. Each of these two-page summaries offers an overview of a vCare deliverable.

The aim is to provide people interested in vCare with useful insights into the work that the project is doing and the project’s progress.

Public Deliverables

Here you can find the public deliverables of the vCare project (according to the Description of Action).

Deliverable (number) Deliverable name Work package number Short name of lead participant Delivery date
D9.1 Project Branding 9 EHTEL M6
D9.2 Project Website 9 TUD M6
D9.3 Project Flyer Version 1 9 EHTEL M9
D5.2 Coaching services interface definition 5 AIT M12
D5.3 Coaching services description 5 AIT M30
D6.4 Service description 6 TUD M33
D1.6 Report on activities in Tech labs 1 FZI M34
D4.3 Baseline ontology, ontology meta models and frameworks SW component, final release 4 FZI M34
D6.5 Test system 6 MYS M37
D6.6 Reference implementation guide 6 MYS M42
D1.7 Report on activities in living labs 1 CCP M45
D4.7 Pattern recognition SW component, final release 4 FZI M45
D9.4 Project Flyer Version 2 (layman version of the final report) 9 EHTEL M48
D3.4 System integration, test and validation report 3 AIT M50
D1.8 Report on activities in pilot tests 1 UMFCD M52
D6.7 Report on pathway models and technical implementation 9 TUD M52
D9.7 Final European Conference 9 EHTEL M56
D9.6 Articles submitted to peer reviewed journals 9 TUD M60
D9.9 Final Dissemination Report integrated into the Final Management Report 9 EHTEL M60