Personalized Rehabilitation
We aim to provide a small coaching solution
Better Continuity of Care
from the professional treatment into the home environment
Better Quality of Life
A Virtual Coach based on personalized care pathway

vCare is designing personalised rehabilitation programmes that will lead to better continuity of care and a better quality of life for patients who use an advanced virtual coaching system.

It is really important to ensure that patients’ continuity of care – from the professional treatment into the home environment – improves their quality of life at the same time as it optimises the economics of medical and social care treatments.

vCare is exploring how data from at least three sources – the living environment, health information, and regular interactions with affected patients – can be linked intelligently to make certain that patients experience a personalised transition from clinical rehabilitation in the hospital back to home.

The idea behind vCare is a Virtual Coach. The coach is based on patients’ personalised care pathways. It engages with patients so that they meet their individual care plans. This encourages compliance with the patients’ rehabilitation programmes.

An international team of twelve partners from seven European countries – consisting of researchers, healthcare providers and industry experts – is working on the project.

VCare is funded under the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 call “Personalised coaching for well-being and care of people as they age” (SC1-PM15-2017). The project started on 1 September 2017 and will last for 48 months.

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