What  will prevail between the ” traditional” and “hybrid digital” approach ?

The vCare project pilot staged in Italy required the involvement of 20 stroke subjects . Now after months of intense screening and recruitment inside the Casa di Cura del Policlinico list of inpatients, the expected n° of subjects has been finally identified and allocated into two groups. The experimental sample is going to test the vCare system in the home environment for the execution of a “digital” rehabilitation pathway mediated by a virtual coach assistant and through the interaction with a series of devices like a tablet, a VR serious games suite and a smartband . Instead, the control group is going to provide a conventional protocol of rehabilitation activities carried out by patients at their home in a self -treatment mode, after a period of training in hospital with professionals of rehabilitation.

What will be the most intriguing and successful approach between the two in terms of adherence and usability ? The vCare consortium is now collecting tons of data and recording evidences and feedback by patients; you will learn more it during the vCare final event meeting in Brussels on August 29th.  Don’t miss it!!!

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