For the first time since February 2020, vCare was physically present in a major International Conference: Ageing Fit took place on March 1-3 in Lille (France). vCare was one of the 10 digital innovations selected to present a pitch in front of the audience and the jury. It provided vCare with the opportunity to confront itself with other innovations and the state of the art in the Active and Healthy ageing domain. Although the road to the market is still a question of years rather than months, the holistic and patient-centric approach followed by vCare was very much praised by the audience. Some people from the jury expressed however some concern  related to the important reliance on wi-fi (and thus internet connectivity) given the inadequate internet connectivity in rural areas. Access to a good quality internet network is indeed today a preliminary condition for use of the vCare technology although some activities can also be perfomed off-line.

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